Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Woke up mad, which is really sad, as I was sad. Also sad to be mad. Mad to be mad.

Last night needing some love, I thought. Instead a litany of upset came my way. I didn't just not get what I thought I needed. I got the opposite of what I thought I needed. All I thought I needed was to be touched.

Woke up though this morning with the intention to have a great dance, despite the sadness, especially after yesterday's ho hum dance. Took a breath of the magic macha chacha, then headed out to dance.

I found my friend Joel Davis' TerraSonic show on iTunes.

One song into the mix and I was dancing; to transform and understand that you have gone into the music!

I remembered then that I didn't need to be touched to be valid. What does valid mean anyway? I need nothing else but the air of the sun and the music and the grass. What "I thought I needed" turns out I don't. I was full and even felt some compassion for my other, who is understandably frustrated. I am a poor house boy.

Then my brain started. I had some ideas when I was dancing, to take the music to the people. Maybe to try to start a weekly world dance night at Marlene's café down the street. Then try to start a monthly world music dance in the park at the band shelter. Or better yet, set it up for weekly in the spring of 2014. Also gave more thought to a weekly dance in Central Park. Need to make that happen. Where to advertise still the question. But I could start with

Thank you ideas. Thank you number 71. Thank you Joel. Thank you Jeremy. Thank you body.

Here's a partial list of what caught my spirit on the TerraSonic show, the "magic carpet ride around the world":

Kenya: Uproot Andy: Mungala Special. ( free download)

Bosnia: Mushtar, pena, comp cd: World 2002. Gillet, Charlie

Buenos Aires: Cumbia. ZZK sound volume 1:

Jakarta: Kuno Kini: we will rock you:

Saw the following strange advertisement on my way. Ink blot mixed with Lotto mixed with getting blotto I presume. Meaning what?

DISCO ANGEL! (same angel as yesterday filtered through instagram)

I often look for my signs on gravestones. This morning thinking about stability. How not to dip down into sadness, especially self pitying sadness. And then saw this sign and read it as STABLE.
And then these signs which I read as COST DAILY. The daily of cost of stability. Which I take to be something like discipline.

Thinking this hydrant would make a good gravestone. A good joke. Like Keats gravestone "Here Lies One Who's Name Is Writ On Water":

I dig the stained glass in the back of the tombs. This one looked particularly dazzling in the morning sun.

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