Monday, June 17, 2013


Felt weird about coming to the cemetery this morning, slightly depressed, this is a theme. Not sure what inhibits the feeling of good, but what releases it is muggles, the highest grade, grown by my brother, and music.

I began the dance with no music, trying to create the music in my head that I was dancing to. This is something I learned from my friend Julia Temple Buononna. One day after dancing with her she told me she was going to show me how to dance without music. She never did show me and I've been trying to do it ever since. I can get a little of the way there, but doesn't get me near as far as the right music.

Dancing in public in New York and that constant back-and-forth from self-consciousness to supra-consciousness: one with the music.

And I realize the cemetery is safe, I am playing it safe. Ironically I am less afraid in the graveyard than out of it. Staving off the violence. Dream about rushing my daughter to the hospital.

I shouldn't be afraid to dance hard in the streets. 

Lots of work to stay in the supra-consciousness. Try to accumulate as much of it as you can into your habits.

But it should be supra-fun too. Reggaeton in the graveyard

I accidentally stumbled upon the Intune Reggaeton Sessions on spotify (I was trying to type "Intune Radio" into the browser, but but instead typed it into the Spotify search engine and Intune Reggaeton Sessions came up as an option. I was looking for a dance mix so it was perfect.)The music is perfect and completely lifts me up. But there is no small consideration for Jeremy's homegrown herbs.

I want to start a morning dance group in Central Park. First consideration is where precisely? I'll do some recognizance work this week. Where to advertise is the next consideration.

I love how this "POWERS" stone is lined up with the Empire State Building

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