Thursday, June 20, 2013


Woke up ready to dance, more or less. But my dance was a bit lackluster. There were some moments of grace no doubt. Got some good pictures at least. Heard some good music from Yemen. The band Yemen blues stands out. I found it on in TuneIn Radio, a podcast called new sounds by John Schaeffer.

Lately I have been struggling with lack of purpose. I knew this would happen when I left Colorado, but here it is. So now the morning dancer is extra important to help carry me through the day.

I have been thinking that the purpose now is dedicated to a few, namely my daughters. Rather than all of humanity. Or all humanity through them. Or no, just them.

It seems like I have less and less to offer the world. I can't even figure out how to braid hair. The simplest tasks elude me.

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