Thursday, June 29, 2017


Beautiful dance this morning. Soooooooogoooooood. Haven't been out forever. Like coming out of a cave. And haven't danced like this for so long either, almost forgot I could. Caravan Palace Playlist on Spotify and suddenly I WAS Fred Astaire, on air, easy, now Gene Kelly swinging around a light pole, using whatever props on the street popped up as they scrolled by. When I passed someone I would feel myself withdraw a little, like a turtle, but then I self-corrected by pretending like everybody I passed was Ginger Rogers, the perfect dance partner, if only they knew it, and I was back in the flow.  

Treasure of the morning: Overnight some Frenchie made all of the Rite Aid parking spots for Parisiens only, using chalk. Fantastique.

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