Friday, June 16, 2017


Started the day out medition into work out into tennis. The Tennis was epic. Spawned this poem:

The Tennis Court Oaf

Today on the court he went from clumsy gat
to cross-court acrobat in one quick set

How? He put all of his breath into it
He put everything he had into every shot

He was trying to balance everything with nothing

It means everything as it is happening
and nothing when its over

Those lines either
bear repeating often

or saying never

Love Love



I felt more than once on the court that I was in my body like a dancer. More of that please!

Then tonight, one of those magic dances with the girls to Kidz Bop Kidz classics. Uptown Funk gonna give it to you. A ways off from Funkadelic, but highly danceable nonetheless. We followed each other's moves. Sofia had some pretty impressive floor moves. Kept me off my toes. 

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