Saturday, January 23, 2016


First of all that last photo in 326, of Mick Jagger, next to music hat and hard hat, shiva dancing on the guitar. I showed it to Keriba, my "farseeing" friend and she said a hat contains thoughts, thoughts contain the brain, so switch hats. Time to don the hard hat! The cat hard hat. I can do that. Rat a tat tat. That's my new do.

Then dancing to King Sunny Ade, in the basement, suddenly I am dancing with Africa and then the women of Africa, the woman of Africa, the Woman, then Amma, and she's dancing up a storm, and we are lockstep and laughing, she's really got me now, she's got me so I can't sleep at night.

She's the king, I'm Scheherazade.

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