Monday, January 18, 2016


Left with Gen and the girls to go to the "secret garden" (cemetery) with a planned stopover at The Globe to see Jaime (from Liverpool) and his band do their British Invasion thing. There was a fire in the fireplace, and several faces from the neighborhood. It was warm and wonderful. We just stayed for a song, but it was David Bowie's "Heroes", which was perfect. I felt inspired by Bowie yet again, in the most communal of ways. "We can be heroes, if just for one day." Bowie was a real hero, for one long life of a day. And so are we. Always amazed at the way great spirits light up the sky when they die. 

The girls turned around after that because it was so cold, but I went on to the cemetery and though it took awhile for my old bones to warm up, I was, once again, for the moment, victorious against cold and death and dying. 

I did a "4 square" dance, which I invented today, a variation on a theme, where I use the 4 corners of a cross section of concrete to guide the steps of the dance. Super fun. I was listening to WFMU (woof moo), local radio, thanks to Quinn O'Sullivan's recommendation, and the DJ, Scott Williams, was incredible. Here's a link for the show.

More local love. 

And some beautiful shots to boot.

bitter cold

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