Monday, May 4, 2015


Listening to Alan Watts, while I made my coffee this morning, positing that civilization is a mistake. The best thing that we can do for the world is nothing he says. He was arguing with Margaret Mead, saying that her anger against Nuclear weapons was counterproductive, that she was the kind of person who would drop a nuclear bomb on the nuclear bombers. And then I did some yoga, then read a poem, John Weiner's "Unforgiving Cities" in Micah Ballard's "Morning Train", and John says, "I watched the young pour their dreams over granite." So that's it today then, the acceptance of all loss. But now I'm going to listen to the new Alabama shakes album, which David Bailey on Facebook this morning says is the best album of the decade so far. And yes, beauty is what we have to look forward to, until we can no longer. And maybe make some to leave for some for somebody else! What else?

And this album was it! transcends time, at least my time.  I was flying through the graveyard, creating beauty with beauty, and for who's eyes? Mine Only. And yours now, in some very very distant way.

   This is what the new trees do to the city, and by extension the human spirit

    This is me, this morning, child with mustache, reading the book of life, whereon there is a flower bud being written by a branch.

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