Sunday, May 3, 2015


I was listening this morning to the "stuff you should know" podcast, the spider edition. Listening to all the amazing qualities of spiders was inspiring, like the way they spin their silk, a substance much stronger than steel, and more flexible than rubber. The vast genius of nature produces this, incredible. And then remembering by extension that my own body is equally remarkable, the walking intelligence of the universe. But funny that my brain, my consciousness, is so unremarkable most of the time. The trick is to figure out how to bring my thinking my more into alignment with a spiders web.

Full on dancing in the cemetery afterward to Mos Def, "My Umi Says." Looking around me at the graves and thinking how the dead would applaud my dancing, if they could. Then remembering how I used to superstitiously hold my breath when passing cemeteries, the reason being that it was disrespectful to breath in front of those who could not. What a ridiculous belief that was, seeing as how I should be breathing deeper while passing a cemetery, not less. But it did teach me awareness and respect for those that have come before in its own way, so maybe not such a bad thing for a child afterall.

this! spring! look at that pattern, at those colors!

grave plot with wild flowers.

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