Thursday, February 27, 2014


We went to Roseland Ballroom to catch a show there before the legendary place closed down for good. The band we went to see was Flogging Molly. I took a spice jar full of vodka in my pocket. I got searched and had to down the whole thing at once, about 4 shots. Yeehaw! It was both horrible and wonderful at the same time.

The music was loud. Poor ear drums.  I had to wear my beanie and hoody over that and my ears still hurt. The opening act was fantastic, called the Drowning Men. They were better than Flogging Molly for me, more poetic, more diverse and innovative in their sound. Plus I was 4 shots in!

Listening to Irish music got me thinking about all the great Irish music, Sinead O'connor, Van Morrison, even U2. And all the great writers too, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Shaw, Beckett, etc. Then I thought of the greatest of them all, Yeats, and how he had informed such a central idea for me: "How can you tell the dancer from the dance?"

That's the one thing I strive for, to lose the difference between the two.

I did it twice today. Like book ends.

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