Friday, October 25, 2013


Lackluster dance but good meditation.

I just finished the book fairyland by Alysia Abbott about her father the poet Steve Abbott. It is a heartbreaking account of losing a parent. And intense Meditation on death. Also the new Lapham's quarterly came in the mail and the theme of this quarter is death. There is a breakdown in there showing exactly how our bodies decompose, which bacteria take over 10 days in, which maggots 30 days and etc. so this morning in the graveyard it was on my mind more than usual, death. All the photos on the grave, mostly stern unhappy faces of our ancestors, the way life can be worse than death sometimes.  

Not mine though!

This dance is for you, Steve Abbott.

This guy is alright
Nice do
Black winged dissolution
Mr. Bean
Leaves the earth

Lamb sunrise

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