Friday, April 28, 2017


I'm walking in the cemetery Calvary Cemetery, trying to dance, it's been a while, right when I enter in a lady in a hatchback an old Russian woman pulls up next to me and tells me not to listen to my headphones, because it will hurt my ears, I said thank you I will keep it down, she said, no, even then, not a good idea to jog with headphones on. I said thank you. She drove next to me for a while and watched me and then slowly moved ahead, but very slowly watching me in her rear view for about five minutes. Then bothered by my own commentary on a friend's poem on Facebook I stopped to change it, and realize the more I try to change my comment the deeper I'm digging myself. then I see a sculpture, relief, inside try to dance again but I stop when I see a relief on a gravestone, it's the likeness of a young girl who died at seven years old in 1939, and I see all of the pain of the father there, it is too much to bear, just then I get a text from Quinn saying I thought you might like to listen to this, it's a DJ set from WFMU. The first song is an exhortation to check your mind, over and over again, check your mind, I am checking my mind and it is not as sound as usual, and so I am leaving the cemetery, I am walking away and suddenly there is a loud terrifying sound behind me, a horn, I turn around and it is a cart full of cemetery workers, and there was no reason to honk, they could have easily driven around me, it was just a form of violence. Check your mind!

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