Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It's 1959 now. Waited 2 years for this one to come out. (I'm imagining this.) But I've bought most of the singles. I love the cover. It is is one of the most delicious covers I've ever seen.

So many classic songs, even more than on the last two albums. Worth the wait. 

But I'm hurting. The woman I love needs more from me. So I sacrifice side two and clean house. Actually what I do is try to bring the music into the chores. I try to dance the chores. This is part of my goal of carrying the dance forward into the rest of the day. Let it shake through me like Berry's guitar, like Johnnie Johnson's piano. 

And one song leads me to it. One set of lyrics.

That's the other thing about listening to a record every morning. The lyrics so often lead you to where you need to be, like the voice of God. You find it in the lyrics.

This one from Queenie.

Meanwhile I was still thinking
If it's a slow one, we'll omit it
If it's a rocker, we'll get it
And if it's good, she'll admit it
C'mon Queenie, let's get with it

If it's good she'll admit it.
Time to clean the house. 

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