Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Why has dance dropped out of my life. If I'm honest I would say because I don't have the inspiration. Why does one have to be inspired to dance?

I danced last week at my daughter's kindergarten class. A woman from Cuba named Cristina came in a led us all in latin dance moves. I was the parent volunteer, to help assist the dancer, and just decided I would dance too. As many as of the kids were watching me, in disbelief, as the instructor. There was a break between the classes and I had a long talk with Cristina about Castro dying, what it meant, and how she and her family had personally suffered, how her music and dancing were banned. I asked her if she thought that could happen here and she said in a way it already has, as art programs were being defunded. She also said a friend of hers was in a dance troupe traveling in Africa and since Trump has rescinded the consuls, there was no one there to help them and they were having trouble getting an epipen and qvar across for her asthma.

Damn it! This new bullshit.

But the dance was good! Won't stop the dancing! And I don't need any other inspiration.

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