Monday, October 31, 2016


Basement dance delux.

Danced sooooo hard to Die Antwoord's brilliant new album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid. OMG. Matthew told me the live show wasn't to be missed, so I imagined I was there live. And Matthew's medicine helped with the magic too. Danced so hard I could only get through 5 or 6 songs, but yeesh. Unbelievably forward and raw.

Later in the evening, though  it wasn't a dance, per say, maybe, I listened to Devendra Banhart's new album, Ape In Pink Marble as I cleaned dishes and it sent me far. Surrealistic softcore music for the ages.

A year of dances, that's butterfly life-span talk.

Caught this reflection of my hand, my hand reflecting light from the sun in the basement window into the bathroom, and flashing it in time to the music, while dancing to Die Antwoord, a special, personal, effect.

The bathroom photo up close, taken originally by Genevieve. The light reflecting!

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