Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I was watching the girls in the Splash Pad at the Lakeside LeFrak of Prospect Park, a very large area with sprinklers on the outside and about an inch of water covering the ground on the inside. I was meditating, and waves of ecstasy were washing over me with each breath. There was a large speaker playing music and Abba's dancing queen came on. I got up and went into the center of the Pad with the girls and began to dance. It was great because the inch of water became a dance prop, something to kick and splash with my feet. Then I spun the girls around and we worked on some new moves, splashed in the sun. At one point time slowed down and I watched the water fly from my dancing feet, glittering with diamonds of sunlight, and thinking: this is it!

We made it to 4 other playgrounds today, epic, but that was the highlight.

Another nice moment was in the Imagination Playground. On the ground in tile were the words "Where sea serpents roam/ I love to whistle!" And to illustrate the point there was a large bronze sea serpent with water flowing over it like a giant wave. Whistle! That sums it up. This was the answer to last night's anxiety dream.

Sofia in the Imagination playground making friends with Ezra Jack Keats' Willie.

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