Saturday, May 7, 2016


Dancing into the nth of music totally defies death. Forever in the moment. All hail the DJ.

Tonight at the Spring Fling at the poetry project. DJ/Rupture so righteous, blending Klesmer into Carribean into Bauhause. Decor by Zack Wollard. John Colleti, Lee Ann Brown, et al. Poets dancing, a dream come true. Holy sweat. 

Long warm conversation with Anne Waldman afterward. I told her no one had done more than she had to foster the poetry community and fight the good fight. She seemed touched but also said she feels like she's failed! I said you can't take it all on your shoulders, you've done wonders.  I love her.

Then on the train home started a conversation with a yoga teacher/ masseuse that went deep fast. Waves of good vibrations in the Tao. Angela Alfieri.

Nah, I'm'a stay.

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