Friday, October 16, 2015


    Magic is afoot in Queens

Went to see a spectacular Hamlet (starring Benedict Cumberbatch, beamed to movie theaters live from London stage) and then afterward I'm looking for a drink to decompress from all that tragedy. I stop at a cobblestone pub. A man is running around in front of the pub in figure eights, hands in the air, screaming in celebration. I ask him what's happening and he says Mets are poised to win a big game against the Dodgers to clinch a spot in the playoffs. It's 3 to 2 top of the ninth. I grab a beer and quickly get caught up on the home-town frenzy. 

After the win I danced home, (to the music of Slo Children playing the Twango at the D Note several years ago,) whooping it up with the city. Whoop whoop!

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