Monday, April 6, 2015


Lost in the food bazaar

Billie Holiday is playing loud in the fruit snack section. So soothing to the soul. Even though I can't help but think of Strange Fruit, which I couldn't help but tie into commercialism in some vague way.

Then They Might Be Giants came on with "It's Instanbul not Contantinople..." and suddenly a dance party broke out in the aisle. It was just for a minute, so this might be the shortest dance of the 1001 days. But it was memorable.

There was a dance like flow for the rest of the day. Later Lucia and I danced while Lucia played music. Then Sofia danced to the metronome turned all the way up while I wrote this.

(When I wrote this I didn't know that the next day was Billy Holiday's 100th birthday.)

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