Saturday, October 18, 2014


So often in this life you see yourself in a cracked mirror. Because the news, or society, maybe even the person you love most, is staring back at you in anger. What you see in the mirror is cracked so it is difficult not to feel cracked yourself, not to reflect back a broken self. So you go get your mirror clean, or bring things into it with you, like azaleas and peonies and swans. Or dancing on a jetty in Provincetown listening to Michael Franti sing "I'm alive I'm alive i'm alive". It can take a while to clean your mirror, maybe your whole life.

I think of that experiment that one pseudo-scientist did with the shape of molecules in water when you give them love as opposed to when you insult them, ugly chaos compared to the beautiful intricate symmetry. Maybe that experiment was a sham, as some claim, but I swear I can feel it happening inside of me sometimes.

This was on the outside of a house I passed. Heart breaking, 3 of this person's kids died young, and one mate. 
Enjoy the little things!

My sneaker met this this fish on the jetty.

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