Friday, January 3, 2014


Gee stayed home from work because it is a snow day. Girls had snow ball fight in the backyard with neighbors.

I danced to the Library to pick up bloom on Midsummer nights dream and hunger games. Plus a pepper and pie crust from the supermarket.

This took me an hour and I listen the new Beyoncé which I found to be much better than the new Jay-Z. She seems to be maturing as an artist quite nicely.

It was fun to dance with my big boots on, stomping bass into the snowpack.

Also found out that some Salinger short stories have leaked online, stories that were not supposed to be released for another 50 years, when I was 95!

Do I cheat Salinger and possibly death to read them? Of course, but I don't feel ready yet. Soon!

I love how these trees are doing hey slow animated wave over the Sunnyside complex.
Getting my kix on Skillman.
TV guy is old terror chief
Walking through the portal.

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