Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Listened to the same terrasonic mix on iTunes. So good! So glad I listened to it again.

Almost did not leave the house this morning. I would not have known to regret it if I had not.


A few highlights. A motley dappled hawk, ragamuffin brown and white, swooped in from a tree in the cemetery. Then a formation of barn swallows making parabola around the tree. The parabola fills me with a kind of joyful feeling following the hawk. I think of Thomas Pynchon's penchant for parabolas. I have never read Pynchon, but am influenced nonetheless, via my brother Matthew who is the one who pointed out Pynchon's parabolas.

The hawk is chasing the barn swallows. He is a bit ungainly but sure in his magisterial swoop. The swallows are quick and elusive.

I would have missed that had I stayed in bed. And these pictures.

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